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Did This Founder-CEO Simply Lose His Presence of Mind?
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From time to time, we all simply lose our presence of mind… not at all an unusual event in the life of a founder-CEO.

Founder-CEOs Must Learn to Levitate to Their Calm and Balanced Space
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If I ran the world, then I would ensure that chapter 1 in the entrepreneurship “how-to-think” book explains and ingrains in founder-CEOs Jane Austin’s writing in Sense and Sensibility: “I will be calm.

Open Letter to Florida Pensioners Re: The SBA’s Lack of Oversight of Private Placement Alternative Investments
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Dear Florida Pensioners,

I urge you to reconsider whether investments in securities that are not sold through a public offering or not subject to SEC-level reporting and disclosure requirements (private placements) are appropriate investments for your Florida Retirement System Pension Plan (FPP),

Founder-CEOs May Want to Identify All Fish as Sharks
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No discussion of holistic, startup entrepreneurship would start completely without recounting Voltaire Cousteau’s ageless, universally relevant article on sponge diving. 

Florida AG Bondi Turns Blind Eye on Possible $190 Million Fraud on FRS Pension Plan
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In September 2013, I wrote a letter (see below), a factual brief from admissions and the record, and over 6,000 pdf documents (collectively Documents) to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and others1 to alert her for investigation misleading statements,

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